Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick update on a cheat!

Sunday we had breakfast at about 9:30ish yesterday.  Then we went grocery shopping, and came home for a very late lunch.  I was starting to feel those hunger pangs.  Had a great juice about 3:30 which did well for me.  Then about 4:30 I decided to cheat and have a cookie.  Well, 3 large cookies.  It was good.  Well, quite frankly, too sweet.  Then I began to feel not so hot, and worst of all I could feel the sugar floating out into my body.  As weird as that sounds once you have stopped eating sugar [I quit sugar about six months ago] you can feel it implode inside your body.  And it doesn't really feel good.

I realized yesterday that as my last pre-fast meal I wanted pepperoni pizza from Costco, and I forgot to have it so that is the only thing I have been craving.  I told myself that would be my ONE cheat, but instead of driving to get that I had a cookie.  And now I wish I hadn't.  And I had a massive headache, so obviously that was not a great choice to make.

Live and learn, and do better going forward!

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