Saturday, October 5, 2013

To buy or not to buy...

So after the first day and a half of juicing with the Vitamix I am very torn.  All the feedback I read from others people loved their juicers and people loved their Vitamix's.  Here is where I stand after day 1:

The Vitamix does a fantastic job of juicing, the challenge comes from separating the juice from the pulp.  I bought the straining bags [also known as Nut Milk Bags], and they work great.  However, they also work very slowly, and they take time to stand there and gently squeeze the juice out. 

So after making breakfast and lunch yesterday I purchased a sieve.  This worked much better but was still a slow and a bit of a messy process, and then I made another juice with the bags again and realized they are messier but faster than the sieve. 

I hate to admit it is making me rethink the juicer.  My thoughts are that the juicer may be messy too, but they make the juice and then you clean the machine.  Right now I make the juice, strain it, clean the machine, the strainer, the bowl I strain it into, the pitcher I pour it into that helps me put it in our travel bottles.  It's a lot of work!  We will continue to think about the juicer.  Until then we will enjoy our blended juice!

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